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Can I Win This Game

  • #1

    I Think I Can Win This Game Against  Computer4-IMPOSSIBLE . Please Help ME

  • #2

    I think it is impossible to winLaughing

  • #3

    You're down the exchange and a pawn (or at least he's about to win that pawn).  What's worse is you have no threats and white will have a queenside passer.

    After a number of blunders by white, you may be ablet o draw.  It would take a catastrophe on white's part for black to win.

  • #4

    thanks waffllemaster

  • #5

    you were ok till... 15... Bg5 which opened doors for your formidable opponent. Should have played 15... d5

  • #6

    It is impossible to win with Black. After the light squared bishop moves, then White will take the pawn on c6 with the rook.

  • #7

     I  think this is a pure loss for black. 

  • #8

    You requried a great blunder by computer so that you could have a chance to draw or win. But after all he is computer-4, he can only do mistakes in such situations.

  • #9

    But the chances of those mistakes are also 1-5%.


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