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Endgame Trap

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    My Recent Game in which I Unleashed an endgame trap or a tactic 

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    I think It was in middlegame.

    Nice trap, anyway.

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    I loved Nxf7#

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    Can anyone think of some other solutions ?

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    First of all, beautiful ending!

    It is surprising that 13. ... Nd4: was played. 12. ... Re8 is in my opinion a logic move to play, but after Qf3 a loss of tempi, because there is no other real option then playing 13. ... Rf8.

    Instead of 15. ... Qc8 I would prefer 15. ... Qg5: 16. Qd7: Be5:.

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    Not really in the endgame there - just too many pieces on the board. End of the Middlegame perhaps?

    Anyway, very well executed trap SharmaPawan.  A little unkind to refer to your opponent after 19...Nxf7 as a 'fool' because I can't find a single move at that point that could have prevented mate!  The last chance I can see was 18... h6 (?) to stop your knight move & buy time.

    The more I study that final sequence, the better it looks - excellent mating net    Smile

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    18.... Qf8 could have delayed for Black but the trap is lovely

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    18.... Qf8 could have delayed for Black but the trap is lovely


    18... Qf8 19. Ng5  gets quite complicated but Black ends at least a knight down as far as I can see & it's fair to say is then going to lose the game.

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    Nice win, SharmaPawanSmile

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    Thx Cool

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    Very good play. Keep it up!!!Cool

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     Computer Analysis 

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    thx fhwee

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    Nice to see 18...h6 in that computer analysis but Black's real error was in taking with the bishop on move 16 instead of the knight, so as to move the bishop to h6!

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    Killer shot


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