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Losing/Drawing on time

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    USCF goes for the material left for the side NOT out of time, although they have an exception for forced mates.

    (I don't have the rulebook but I am 100% sure of this)

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    And chess.com uses FIDE rules I believe

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    "Finally, note that in cases where the opponent has insufficient material to mate (lone King, King + Knight, King + Bishop, King + 2 Knights) a draw will be automatically declared where there is a time-out."


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    So then chess.com would award a draw? I could see this becoming an issue (albeit in something like 5 games ever though lol)

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    Zigwurst wrote:

    This position, Black to move, runs out of time.

    Under the Laws of Chess, White should be awarded a win due to a series of legal moves leading to checkmate (...a2 Nc2#).

    Are chess servers able enough to award the win to White if Black flags in the above position?

    White should never win here! The Fide rule is very clear on this point.

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    I had this discusion a few weeks back. The computer dont look at where the pieces are on the board. It only counts the remaining pieces and award a win, a draw or a loss

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    The real question:

    White runs out of time. But there are no sequence which leads to mate for white, even though black obviously has mating material:

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    Robert_Andersson1: The FIDE rule is very clear and states that White wins because checkmate is possible. I don't see how you claim White cannot win.

    ViktorHNielsen: FIDE states it's a draw.


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