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No sound in Live Chess

  • #101

    /sound again

  • #102

    lol grin.png 

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  • #104

    same problem with me

    sound worked 10 min. in live chess and since 30 min. I do not have sound; sound off and then on again, does not help; and no, I do not use adblocker

  • #105

    Sound in Safari...no sound on Chrome.

  • #106

    I found that if I login using a different browser for the first time I have sound but if I logout and then login again on that same browser the sound is gone. Also, I normally play 5 min chess but every time I login the time control defaults to 10 min. Really strange!

  • #107

    As well as the sound not working correctly, what @jim1 said about time control defaults as well.

  • #108

    Looks like a Javascript issue.  I suspect there's a race condition.

    From the Chrome's JS console:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'hasOwnProperty' of undefined
    at Amplitude.n.getInstance (live:630)
    at AmplitudeLogger.init (webpack:////www/sites/chess.com/releases/20170703151420/app/Resources/assets/js/web-es6/amplitude/amplitude-logger.js?:41)
    at new AmplitudeLogger (webpack:////www/sites/chess.com/releases/20170703151420/app/Resources/assets/js/web-es6/amplitude/amplitude-logger.js?:25)
    at eval (webpack:////www/sites/chess.com/releases/20170703151420/app/Resources/assets/js/web-es6/amplitude/amplitude-logger.js?:132)
    at Object.<anonymous> (live-base.338ae8f1.js:1)
    at n (live-base.338ae8f1.js:1)
    at eval (webpack:///./src/base/es6/game/game.service.js?:13)
    at Object.<anonymous> (live-base.338ae8f1.js:1)
    at n (live-base.338ae8f1.js:1)
    at eval (webpack:///./src/base/es6/chat/chat-boards-tab.controller.js?:19)

  • #109

    yes, same with me, time control default too; I play only 1 min. and I am now always paired 10 min.; I must change time control manually before every game

  • #110

    just a guess but unless this issue gets revealed at a major traffic site then, ya know, there'll never be a chess dot com explanation.

  • #111

    first i thought it is a joke, but in fact when you write
    into live chat, than it first turns the sound off (event it is off), and writing 
    again turns the sound FOR REAL on. 


  • #112

    Yes indeed. /sound in the chat box is the temporary fix. It even resets to the default time control I desire.

  • #113
    Same I get no sound on here
  • #114

    now both the defaults & sound work but i can't get the chat box to accept anything after i hit 'Enter'. The Enter key in the chat box isn't warking.


  • #115

    Guys try this...I changed my incoming challenge rating from -50 to infinity and saved it.  Once I did that my regular time preference came up and the sound worked again.  Try it and let me know!

  • #116

    Two different machines both with firefox have lost sound (but okay with analysis mode). Installed opera on both got sound for now. Definitely an update causing this as never had a problem before.

  • #117

    sound is now OK with me (at least for now) but I am still paired always 10 min. games though I play only 1 min. bullet


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