serious clock problems on live chess


Also, I was using the app while playing so it's not just with the pc. First time this has happened. I hope this isn't a case of inflicting this on non-paying members alone. That would be terrible.


For whole game my novice opponent took 8 minutes and my 30 minutes got over. I request the concerned people to set right this annoying problem.


The online algorithm "decided" you had to lose that match, for the sake of some platform-related balancing reasons. On the other hand, the same algorithm "decided" your opponent had to win that specific match. It's a plague which affects ALL online games, and it's one of the many reasons I've never wasted a single cent in online gaming, no matter if chess, poker, football or a shooter game...

just lost a game with plenty of time left in the clock... whats going on?

Refresh the page when you suspect this problem is going on.  It works.