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What does mean, when a player refuse to rematch ?

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    I just want to get your point of view about this situation.

    What does mean, when a player refuses to rematch on rated game ?

    I ask this question because 97% of players on chess.com refuse to rematch.

    So what does at mean ?

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    so why play the first !?  Cool

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    It means his wife wants to go shopping, the dog is whining by the front door, the cat threw up (again), his favorite TV show is coming on, or any of a thousand other legitimate reasons.  Of course it could also be proof of what you have always suspected; 97% of the world simply doesn't like you. Wink

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    So 97% of the world will be bussy after 1 game and run away, LOL.

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    Perhaps in his opinion the game is not even.

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    It means I don't like to re-match.  I like to rest between games, and play when I feel like it not when the opponent demands it, so the next game I play can be as good or better quality than the one that I just won.

    If I keep playing with no rest, until me or both of us get tired or sloppy, I might lose for a stupid blunder, and I don't want to risk it.  Plus, when I re-match, too often, my opponent loses again and then get's really pissed off and runs away on the clock leaving me waiting for 6 minutes or something, and punishes me for doing him/her a favor and re-matching, and winning. So I've learned it's better just to play when I feel like it, which is usually not rematching.

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    I have a set amount of time I spend on the internet. also by the time some of my opponents have offered me a rematch i have started another game

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    I think players refuse to rematch for one of the two reasons: 1) They dont think they are up for you. 2) They think u are not up for him/her. Occasionally,it can be because they do not have sufficient time for another match.

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    It means they don't want to play another game.

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    MrDamonSmith wrote:

    It means they don't want to play another game.

    thank you that was so usefull ! Cool

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    With me, it means I've just spilled my beer.

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    1. I did play few games before and I get tired.

    2. You played white and lost - no reason for rematch.

    3. I do not like if you did not resign in hopeless position and just killing     time.

    However in 30% of cases I do accept rematch. Just remember - the world is not revolving around you. 

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    Victor-Servranckx wrote:

    I never play twice. I like to have a break, drink a coffee, have a chat, post something and perhaps later play a new game...

    that's fantastic, it's good to chat after insted of runnig away, players can make friends, analysis the game find mised mates Laughing ,that could be nice.

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    You're welcome, no problem. I see my help here is done.Smile

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    I too never rematch. It's not that I'm afraid of the opponent, or that I'm rude, or that I think he's beneath me. It's just that I don't like to play two games in a row. I like a break.

    Even at the chess club I take a breather between games and walk around, chat with other members, look at a magazine.

    Don't take it personally. For many of us, chess is just a nice interlude in the evening or before dinner or while waiting for a good TV show to start. If I want three or four games in one sitting, I'll play them on my terms, not because my opponent asked for a rematch. 

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    I like to play as many different players as possible. Rematches are fine with friends, but with the Internet there are always other people awaiting a game so no need to rematch strangers. I think I've played about 10,000 games on the Internet in my 12 or so years of playing, so I probably have played against about 9,000 people. I think that's pretty cool! Smile

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    1% of  gamers accept rematch.

    Just because Rated points are become a kind of money.

    More u have, more smart u are. so why rematch if u can loose.


    I suggest to create a new category REAL RATED POINTS GAME with the same rules like a tournament.

    One game , rematch ,( in case equality final match). at this step the winer will get rated point.

    If one gamer refuse to rematch -100. and a special symbol to show that this gamer had no fair play.

    I repeat create a new category without remove actually categories (rated and unrated): LET REAL FAIR PLAY GAMERS PLAY TOGETHER. Cool

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