An odd move.









Read this after solving please!

This is a nice move I think! I'm not sure that it's the right move but as far as I can se is it right to take the queen with the queen not the rook. You might not find this at all odd since I just put up a position here but I can tell you that I was supriesed when I in a game against my father saw this move. If anyone else has some nice moves where the obvious is not the right to play please show me.


Thats a very nice move. To be honest, I did look at it, think 'What kind of puzzle is this' and triumphantly moved the rook over the black queen. Imagine my surprise when it bounces back to whence it came Smile. Perhaps I should look properly first?


Well the name of the puzzel might implie that there is something strange going on but that might have come in a nother move so perhaps one should always stay ready.


It is undoubtedly the correct move -- capturing with the rook loses both the Queen and the Rook for the Black Queen.  White may still have problem with Black's passed pawns though.


see, I automatically thought to use the queen and did not even realize that I could use the rook until I went back after solving it


Indeed, I did the wrong move at first as well, but it makes perfectly sense. If you use the rook, after the check you loose the queen anyway, so you better take with the queen immediately and keep the rook :).


 no offense JRadis, but i don't get it Foot in mouth




if he takes the queen with a rook, then he loses both his queen and his rook.  but if he takes with queen, its just an exchange of queens.  Its very important to know the order of which you take pieces :P


Nice, I got it.

tooeasy1 wrote:

 no offense JRadis, but i don't get it

 What is it you dont understand?


It is a good beginner's puzzle, teaching them to understand the position of the board, the soon-to-be exposed pin that they need to keep an eye on.  Anyone who saw that pin that was about to be put into action would have taken with the queen, no questions asked.  I still think this is a good choice for a beginner's puzzle.


Skewer -- not pin.