Clearing the board (VERY HARD)

n9531l schreef:

@Remellion:  Short of a revelation from an omniscient being, I don't think a human can solve it without computer help. Clearly, Labelle had a great deal of computer help.

Massacre-like proof games are much more difficult to solve than most other types due to the absence of clues! Usually the structure of the remaining units is a tell-tale for the earlier proceedings but here there is none. The only comparably difficult SPG's are the ones with say 12 rooks in the diagram. They are all visible but how to tell where each one came from?

n9531l wrote:

Some unique 16.5 move solutions have been found requiring that the FIDE Dead Reckoning rule be suspended.

This is not correct. There is no unique total massacre in 16.5 which requires suspension of FIDE Dead Position rule.