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Diabolically Evil Twisted Puzzle

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    This idea came from a puzzle a friend presented to me a long time ago. Innocent


    Mate in 1. Thinking outside the box is a MUST!
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    Too easy. Not enough possible moves to make it hard.
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    Yeah this was easy.   As soon as I saw the king trapped in the corner I looked down that diagonal and boom, obvious.
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    Hmm. Maybe i made this too easy. I didn't want to fry any brains so i tried to keep it simple by putting the black king in the top left corner.
  • #5
    Fear not... It's NOT too easy!
  • #6
    how's that possible?
  • #7
    You cheeky frikkin'..... As soon as I saw it wouldn't let the pawn move "forward", and it wasn't under attack, it became cake.
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    It's a pity it is White's turn, Black has forced mate with (Nxd6), as all White can do is delay mate by Blocking with his rook, and then possibly block with the pawn if we assume that the pawns are actually moving that way.


    It would have been more challenging if it had been black to move and mate in 3.

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    "Diabolically evil" is a bit much. It's not so much a hard puzzle as a mind game.


    Is it me, or do self-styled trick puzzles always seem to involve pawn promotion?

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    That was hard. Don't listen to the other people.
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    evil is what weak people say
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    i thought White was going up. this puzzle confused me!
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    It was funny. 
  • #14
    lulubell83 wrote: i thought White was going up. this puzzle confused me!

    Same here....

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    LOL....That was funny.

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    "Mate in 1. Thinking outside the box is a MUST!" gave it away.

  • #18

    I'm glad people like it. I felt i had to add that hint, otherwise it would be wa-ay too hard to figure out.

  • #19

    why won't it work by promoting the pawn to a biship

  • #20

    Sorry, if i could allow other options, i would.

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