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White to move and win material (2)

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    Here is another puzzle in which you have to win material. It isn't very hard, though.








    I hope you liked it =)

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    THere are so many ways for White to stick it to Black here I couldn't fiogure out which one you were looking at:

    Qb6+ wins Rook;

    My personal favorite, Bxf8 disc+ wins Bishop and causes Black to start Armaggedon Q-&R exchanges to avoid mate.

    What was solution??

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    The solution was giving up for bishop for black's queen and rook and still having serious mating threats. I do agree that there are several ways for white to win (tons of) material, but I considered this solution to win the most, plus keep up a good position for black.

    I can understand it if the many options made this (perhaps) an ambiguous puzzle, though I find this is the best way. Feel free to tell me if you think different.

    Greetings by Player8-CHAMPION.

    (P.S: So, the solution was Be7+ Kxe7 Qxc8 with the rook on a7 hanging.)

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    I was hoping for a queen check on the king though

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    That could've been an option, but it is less effective than this solution.

    For example: Qb6+ Ke8 Qxa7 Bxd6 Rxd6 Ne7 offers counterplay on behalf of just a rook. The soultion of the puzzle allows a queen AND a rook to be taken for only a bishop and white still has incredible threats, black most likely cannot overcome.

    I hope you now understand why I chose for this solution, rather than a different one.

    Greetings from Player8-CHAMPION.

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    bxb,ke8.qxq finishes the job.....interesting.

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    Please note, Bxf8+ is met with Rd7.

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    Looks like there is indeed. I think though that in the actual game I mated my opponent faster. Nevertheless it looks like black can't defend against that (not that his positional was hopeful in the beginning, of course :)).

    Greetings from Player8-CHAMPION.

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    Player8-CHAMPION wrote:


    Please note, Bxf8+ is met with Rd7.     Ahhh, your right but he said win material, rxr,qxr,qxq and whites a b. up.     You want to finish play be7 dlb. +,kxb,qxq will end in mate.

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    When there are many ways to win material, you always look for the one which gives most, don't you? I do, which is why the solution to the puzzle is the way it is :).

    Greetings from Player8-CHAMPION.


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