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  • #21

    shahhussainkcl- if you want to (kgwkyle; same as here)

    M-W-R- I just love the more strategy and time it takes for A&A, and also the history behind it

  • #22

    Thanks. I just like to give credit for referrals. I don't know how they do it but maybe you get some loyalty points or something.

  • #23

    I am actually not sure...

  • #24

    Kyle, which game do you like more: risk or A@A?

  • #25

    Looks like you have to pay for A&A on the site you recommended. I was pretty keen on giving it a go.

  • #26

    M-W-R : A&A for sure

    shahhussainkcl : Do you really? When I had joined, it was free :(


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