Delete one and down by two...


I have noticed something that puzzles me.

As a superadmin of a few groups, I have deleted/banned a small handfull of people.

Every time I delete/ban one person, the group total goes down by two.

Does anyone know why that would be?

(Group total=190/one deleted/immediately down to 188.)

I have thought that perhaps someone had more than one account, and it automatically deletes out connected accounts. 

I'm not really sure and that is proabably grasping at straws.



Let me know which group it is, I'll sync the member count then you can let me know if it happens again (it shouldn't though).

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Maybe their soul left too! Laughing


Ok I've sync'd the number counts on them now, should be ok.


Thank you Kohai!

@DrSpudnik, LOL