Happy Holidays Everyone!!! What Are Your Traditions?!


Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season, and don't forget to save time to squeeze some chess in there somewhere!!!

My family and I get together early Christmas morning and spend the day together, while a friend of mine's family all go out bowling on Christmas day (at possibly the only bowling alley in the nation that is actually open on Christmas...) :) 

Does anyone have any holiday stories or traditions you'd like to share? 


Joyeuses fêtes à tout le monde!

With my family we make a big punch and we all drink. We also do a random gift exchange which is pretty fun.


We go to church at midnight, visit the family graves on the way home, have a cup of tea, don't bother going to bed, check whether Santa Claus has been and start milking the cows at 4:30am. After essential feeding and bedding, we take the rest of the day off (from 10am till 4pm) - then start again with the milking.

And if it's raining, we go train-spotting.


hey crogers!! how have you been? dont know if you got my message. what do I do...christmas eve my family always gets together, at our house, then on Christmas day we have my great great aunt over for a meal...and tha'ts that!


I save some holidays and tack them on to the time off I get at Xmas, giving me around 3-4 weeks off. Finish early December and then just basically hibernate like a bear. I eat like a bear, I sleep like a bear, I smell like a bear. I am a bear. 

If I had money I'd probably chase the sun at this time of year. No such luck so it's back to my cave. BEWARE THE BEAR!!