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    That's right! This thread title IS ENTIRELY IN ALL CAPS REDUNDANTLY with exlamations!! which means you HAVE to read it(also means its brilliant  by me). It is also NEW which also gets attention and its URGENT because I want you to look at me right away! And I'm asking for you to HELP me get way more attention than I deserve by looking at this dumb thread.

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    LOL... one of your best.

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    There's too much dumb stuff eleswhere to distract our attention. It's a sad state of affairs.

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    how can you be posting this ivandh while you are having a power cut ?

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    Interesting so far ( not average to be sure ). Smile

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    How can anyone sleep in the middle of all of this excitement ? ( the only thing that is missing is fireworks ).

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    Maybe a fire-eater?

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    Well yes, I just hope that he doesn't set the Theater on fire. Wink

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    Come to think of it, he looks more like a fire belcher.

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    At this point I must say that the lack of help forthcoming to this point is quite disturbing. I mean we have a photo of a fire-eater, but no waffles ( or any other photos for that matter ).  

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    Do I need to spell it out?!?

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    Well this is a but odd I must say. Often when someone adds a couple of good photos to a thread things start take off. However things are rather quiet here, hmmm. 


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