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    hi as you can tell by my profile pic i like the x-men and indeed quite a few comic hero's. my female favourites are phoenix,shadowcat,magik,rougue and storm and the male hero's i like are wolverine,cyclops,cannonball and cable, and spider man who ( of you reading this ) has a favourite hero?                                       ( marvel comics only please for now) thanks brian

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    super man because (im not saying I have youthly friends) but when my friend got in a fight he was fighting someone taller than himself so when he went to punch the guy he had to stretch his arm and i managed to get a photo of it. So ive always associated him with superman so ye superman for me!!!!

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    I think it would be Hellboy ,if the name is right , the red guy with a strong body and would grow horns when sth. is considered evil...
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    the fantastic 4
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    Wolverine is my favorite. Strong, sense of right, troubled. He is just like alot of people out there.

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    Iceman and Wolverine.


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