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When I got a new computer I tried putting new games onto my ipod. It then said I would have to delete my other games and replace it with the ones I bought. Is there anyway to transfer the games to your ipod without having to delete the old ones?


Have you tried putting your current Ipod on a file? Then it doesn't matter what happens.


as long as you have enough space on your ipod it should allow you to add new games...but when you get itunes everything you purchase will be stored on your computer. The only thing being deleted is the copy on your ipod and then the new choice will be added onto the ipod. If you are having trouble with getting your itunes library from your ipod to your new computer, you have to go online to itunes and authorize your new computer to use your library that you have on your ipod. You can authorize up to five computers...then transfer purchases from ipod under file and it will copy everything on your ipod to your computer. I would assume though that games will take up a lot of space on an ipod depending of course on what the game is. Hope this helps...of course if you still have questions about this ask me lol afterall I have an ipod touch so I might be able to look it up too...


I just found this.  It applies to music, but I'd imagine the process works the same with games.  Just be careful that you don't lose any of your old stuff.  Doesn't ipod support stink?

Transfer song from iPod to computer


try regristering your i pod 2 you computer or sync it either one


Well, depending on what iPod you have, the following statement will be true:

The iPod synchronizes completely with your computer, so if you delete something on your computer, the same thing will be deleted on your iPod.  As a ramification, if you delete a game on your computer, the very same game will be deleted on your iPod.

Also, make sure you have enough memory for the game, as if you lack sufficient memory to support the game, the iPod is forced to delete another, to make memory for the new one.

I hope this helped.  


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