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Oklahoma City Thunder

  • #1

    Changing off the guard in the NBA the young guns taking down the Legends !!  Cool  

  • #2

    Celtics!!!! 2012 champs!!!

  • #3
    finalunpurez wrote:

    Celtics!!!! 2012 champs!!!

    They said they were to hurt and to old !! I always hated boston but i love to watch them play, they always play with the heart and determination of Champions ! Rhondo is a damn magician but Kevin Durant and the Thunder will not be denied ! SORRY  Wink  not this time !    lol

  • #4

    If Celtics can overcome the odds and beat the Heat, I think the same could be done with the Thunder! :P 

  • #5
    Shadowknight911 wrote:

    Chris Bosh is back and attacking tho. The heat may now turn the tables

    Labron James 45 points he made Pierce look Senile, no way in the hell you going to miami and beat that trio in game 7 !!  Cool

  • #6

    Celtics still have 1 last chance in game 7! 

  • #7
    finalunpurez wrote:

    Celtics still have 1 last chance in game 7! 

    Celtic pride after that embarresment will show itself in miami , That is going to be one hell of a game !!


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