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One Sentence Story

  • #1

    Post one sentence a time to keep the story going,Let's start

    Onceapon a time there was a talking potato.

  • #2

    Of course, prior to the discovery of this talking potato by a family of beets, a group of chick peas declared that it was impossible for potatoes to talk.

  • #3

    While it's true that the potatoes had no ears, a special genetic mutation gave them the ability to grow extra eyes that detected the slightest sound waves, although they vowed to conceal this auditory ability from the chick peas and beets for one important reason.

  • #4

    So that is how our special potato came to be,and then he went on a quest to save -(next post has answer)

  • #5

    Unfortunately, he died on his quest because soldiers stepped on him in the English Civil War, so what he tried to save is currently unimportant; however, what is important is why the soldiers stepped on him.

  • #6

    They didn't step on him because a potato could talk, but rather because of what the potato said.

  • #7

    he said that they smelled.

  • #8

    So they made the potato have a good look and smell of their feet.

  • #9

    And that was the story of the talking potato.

  • #10

    The end.

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    Then, a mad scientist came along and shocked the potato back to life.

  • #15

    His name...Frankenpotato.

  • #16

    However, Frankenpotato was brought back to life slightly altered, and he looked like a piece of celery instead.

  • #17

    Still a talking potato-celery

  • #18

    Then a rabbit came along and ate the potato-celery.

  • #19

    The mad scientist, seeing that Frankenpotato was lonely, decided to zap another vegetable to life as a companion for the talking potato-celery.

  • #20

    and thus came the talking eggplant!

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