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  • #21

    No idea but that is the initials at the bottom of the poem - AJC. Maybe suezy knows?

  • #22

    every day one women.... not too much hard?

  • #23

    sodnomjamts the author only wants to be known as AJC

  • #24

    ciljettu , thank you it is a lovely poem Smile

  • #25

    Redbull we have a hard time in convincing you dont we lol

  • #26

    I was the same as RedBull for my whole life... Until I was 42 and fell in love for the first time. No one was more surprised than I. Then I walked into a WalMart in Whitehorse YT and saw this piece of rinky-dink art that said, "There is only one happiness in life. To love and to be loved." Ordinarily I would have walked right by and maybe not even notice. But I was arrested by it and posed near it for a pic that I sent to my sweet baby...

  • #27

    That is so sweet xtophr1:)

  • #28

    Beautiful words

  • #29

    Thanks Khaled :)

  • #30

  • #31

    thanks suezy,  you are the author aren`t you?

  • #32

    No I'm not ,I just delivered for the author:)

  • #33

    AJC is the credit at the end of the poem. Beyond that we don't know who it was who wrote the poem, although some internet searching could find something.

  • #34

    it looks version like from Bible?

  • #35

    Does nobody notice the word choice error in the first line?

    "Theirs a something we just can't fight"?

    Otherwise, it's a well-written poem.

  • #36

    You are correct very observant Smile

  • #37

    I like the poem

  • #38

    thanks! Smile

  • #39

    A nice poem. :-)

  • #40

    Thanks Matt Smile


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