Trying to find that study done about reading a paragraph with no vowels.


Bah, I thought this would be easy to find but I suppose not.

I'm looking for a few paragraphs I found online discussing a study done. The study was about people reading words (in English) with no vowels. The paragraphs themselves were without vowels. It was surprisingly easy to do.

Can someone help out?




Thanks for the research Art but I'm afraid that isn't it. I'm searching for a paper that's maybe one page long at the most and the entire thing itself has no vowels.

A stdy ws dn to fnd out if ppl cld read wtht vwls.

Something like that.

Thanks again though :)


This one has vowels, but the letters are all mixed up - it's similar:


Hm. I think that is what I'm trying to find rather than a vowel-less script. Thanks! Smile