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  • #301

    Personally I want to support things that I like. Even though most of the time I'm too busy to take advantage of video lessons, I really like chess.com tools. Within relatively short period of time my OTB performance has clearly improved. Maybe playing and analyzing @ chess.com has helped on that as an overall consolidating tool.


    Anyways, it gives you very easy to access chance to have short breaks from everyday chaos. Play couple of moves on your daily tournament games, play a blitz game, analyze a bit, solve some puzzles or check out lessons and the latest news from chess world.

  • #302

    I'm a premium member because I love the videos soooooooo much but it said to upgrade your account!So I upgraded it but it said you had a FREE TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!Then I watched the videos on Chess.com.

  • #303

    Guess I don't follow the conversation.  Why am I not a premium member?  Don't have the necessary income to do so.  How's that?

  • #304

    Because you is kind, you is smart, you is important.

  • #305

    I was a premium member until my medical bills started piling up. I'm going to have to hang out at an intersection with a cardboard sign that says, "Need money for premium chess membership."

  • #306

    With a sign that says "Need funds for Caro-Kann, Panov-Botvinnik attack Research"

  • #307

     Actually, the best part of being a premium member are the excellent instructional videos on Chess.com. I'll probably re-up as a premium member after my tax returns get here.

  • #308

    Analysis of your ONGOING GAME? That sounds like cheating. I'm glad that's not allowed on this site.

  • #309

    I was last month. No idea how i got it. I just one day had a diamond membership. I think GM Williams may have gifted me.

  • #310

    end case you don't find the payment lest me know .thanks

  • #311

    It is the best chess site...period. nothing else comes close. At $14 a month that comes down to about 50 cents per day. You can not beat that.

    I have always loved the layout of the site. It think the layout and everything else is excellent.

    i will admit I hated V3 at first but I have finally made the transition and I I'm glad I did.

    50 cents per day for all  of the features, the best chess site on the web hands down.....it is a great bargain!

  • #312

    What's a titled player????  Especially on the internet!!!

  • #313

    Oh!  I am a member because I am old and don't have much I can do sso setting an engaging in a game is about the best I can do.  And yes, it does seem to be the lesser costly site which I have to appreciate enormously.

  • #314

    For me, the tournaments Sadly it seems this has changed. 

  • #315

    be a PREMIUM member
    I was given more love to learn more chess and to perfect myself more

    I am a PREMIUM member and I must update renobacion soon
    for more year



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