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    tactics and the engine 

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    -Chess 4 LIFE

    -Chess or DIE

    -Checkmate U

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    Personally I want to support things that I like. Even though most of the time I'm too busy to take advantage of video lessons, I really like chess.com tools. Within relatively short period of time my OTB performance has clearly improved. Maybe playing and analyzing @ chess.com has helped on that as an overall consolidating tool.


    Anyways, it gives you very easy to access chance to have short breaks from everyday chaos. Play couple of moves on your daily tournament games, play a blitz game, analyze a bit, solve some puzzles or check out lessons and the latest news from chess world.

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    I'm a premium member because I love the videos soooooooo much but it said to upgrade your account!So I upgraded it but it said you had a FREE TRIAL!!!!!!!!!!Then I watched the videos on Chess.com.

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