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The videos. Normally a lesson with a grandmaster would cost $100.00 or more. Here we get hundreds of lessons for the same hundred dollars. Also the computer analysis and the online tournaments are very helpful. 


Somebody was kind enough to have hope enough for me to be a great chess player. So, I am here, writing my script so that I can thank uncle bob ( @GhostNight) for letting me experience the exhilarating feeling of being one of the most expensive members in this site. The video section feels like that I have hundreds of hours of classes with chess masters around the world and I feel quite proud that I have thousands of games in my fingertips :-P.

P.S.: sorry, no video cam available. Talk about my crappy cellphone!


Is this still going on?


My motive for signing on was greed! After a month or so,  I got tired of being limited to 3 tactical positions a day to work on!  (Especially frustrating when you 'flunk' the last one!) So I decided to get a membership, and I'm very glad I did.

I love the playing, and, of course the tactics training.  And it's relaxing and fun to spend an hour here and there reading through forum topics.  Overall, is very user-friendly,  a big plus for a technical 'patzer' like me.

But what I'm enjoying most of all these days are the videos.  I feel like I'm learning the game 'fresh and new.'  (Despite a couple of 'breaks' each lasting several years, I've been at this game for 55 years, as player, organizer, TD,  school coach.)   I enjoy the different personalities,  and the varying styles they bring to their presentations. I can 'follow instructions' and pause the videos to do some analysis.  Or I can just relax and let the presenter do the work.  Either way the videos are a lot of fun as well as a good workout for an aging brain.  So congratulations to everyone involved for a great job with these videos!   


I became a premium member is mainly because I thought this site was the BEST chess website ever and because All the premium member things were so attractive!

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so i tried it and It is just plain AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thanks for creating this great website!
Keep up the fantastic work!!
it improved my chess so much in only a month!

I believe in rewarding people that produce great stuff. So my answer is : I am a diamond member of because the team is worth it !


I went Premium for the fantastic videos.

Oh, and the forums. Here I can tell jokes about Bobby Fischer looking like a wookie.


I am premium because of the tactics trainer. Solving 25 puzzles a day really is enough.


Was going to post this message Under General chess, but after reading this  you may feel it is best placed here!

     After joining it took only a few months and I decided diamond was for me! Why???   I decided or should I say realized just playing chess is not going to improve my ability in the real chess world, for three reasons. chess is just too fast for me 30min.

2.OLC which you have three days to make your move, and you can go over your moves on the analyzer, also look at book openings, makes even a beginner player look pretty good in the openings?

3.Last but most hurting is individuals that use outside assistance to make their moves! And all the chess sites have this problem!

    So I have found that all the training tools we have available especially at Diamond level is helpful in trying to improve ones chess that playing games is wasting time when one can be studying, and taking advantage of this great chess site has to offer. Actually what I am saying if there was no chessplaying here I would still be here for the learning/improving benifits. I know I sound crazy its just me how i feel. And not to forget some of the great heads/chess people that are here, their imput is most enjoyable to hear from and educational, like the person that said check out the book, "Silmans Complete Endgame Course". So when I play live OTB chess I can see the improvement, and they also commented I am getting harder to beat. Thats my story HTH


I was lured in by the video's. Unless you are a diamond member you can only watch for a few minutes.

Some great vids! Still waiting for my rating to improve though. :(

bronsteinitz wrote:

I thought it was a great site, but recent events are changing my mind. When chess is seen more important than the members, then you are on the wrong path. Hope the management thinks about this because I am on the point to go play elsewhere. Quite an accomplishment to disappoint a positive like me in 4 months time,,,

Since when did the staff imply that chess is more important than people?


Sounds like an interesting project. I'll make a video this weekend.


1. No ads
2. Tactics trainer
3. Support a great website
4. Access my own and others' games
5. Tournaments


He gave it to me (neglecting himself)


1. Being able to create groups and tournaments

2. Unlimited live Chess Tournaments

3. more conditional moves.


Being a premium member is the only way to go. I can engage in the use of the tactics trainer, chess mentor, and videos all within a short period of time on a daily basis. Since I am retired now it is my dream come true. I can play chess as much as I want. I can play tournaments, speed chess, online, and with everyone around the world at anytime on I have loved chess since I was a kid, and being a premium member on is a dream come true. It's the only way to go!


I don't want to make a video and i don't expect anything for free. I am a Diamond member. I didn't hesitate joining as a diamond member because is an awesome place to play and learn. i like all the features offers and i also want to contribute to the site for the simple fact that i know it is expensive for the owners to supply all these wonderful features. 


Games Archive, Unlimited Tactics trainer, No Ads, Vacation mode under Turn based chess. Stats etc.


OK, I'm sure it's WAY too late to make and submit a video, but I probably wouldn't anyway.

But here's why I became a member: I first came here just for the forums, but as I began to explore the site a little more, I discovered dozens of features that made other chess sites pale in comparison. The comprehensive instructional videos, the tactics trainer, the chess mentor, online chess, the games database and more just made any other website look sad. Plus, the interface is SOOOO easy to work with. I used to belong to ICC, and I have to say that that site confused me so badly that I ended up doing nothing but playing games--which offers for free anyway.

Another reason I became a member is that my interests in chess vary widely. Sometimes I want to play slow or fast games, at others I want to read the latest news in the world of chess. Or maybe I just want to relax with a video or spend 15 minutes trying (and failing) to solve tactical puzzles. Or maybe I just want to put in my two cents in some thread on the forums.  No matter what I'm in the mood for, offers somenting for the moment.

Finally, I became a member because it's an amazing site and deserves to be supported. I only wish NPR could have a graduated list of services like this--you know, basic members get classical music, gold members get "All Things Considered," platinum members get "Car Talk" and "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me," and diamond members get "Prairie Home Companion." The membership drives would sign up people by the THOUSANDS.