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The mammoth book of chess book review :)

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    The mammoth book of chess is a 560 page book that I highly recommend Wink. The reason why is that this book is almost like the bible of the chess players Laughing It has great advice, over 50 puzzles, and I would say 150 of the greatest games analysed by a FM              ( Graham Burgesse ) and much, much, more ! Smile and it will allow you to improve in chess in a very fun way. ex : Capablanca's storry while telling you the tricks that he used to improve. ( Other players like Carlsen and Alhekine ect. will also be used for this.) And if you ever had a problem with understanding a popular opening, this book will for sure help you. It also has very interesting and funny tournament storys that is quite injoyable. And the nice thing is that you know that what you are doing is right because it is all told by a FM. This book has much more and will keep you busy Laughing.

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    I like this book allot too.  Its nice because it offers many different ways to learn about chess.  You can do puzzles go though a classic game, study some openings, endings or common themes etc. 

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    I totaly agree ! I realy appretiate that comment ! Wink

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    So how do you guys think about it ?

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    In my humble view, it's certainly one of the best all-around chess books out there (judging by my copy that's the 2nd edition from 2000, but from what I hear the 3rd edition is not that vastly different).

    (Admittedly though, it would be even better if it wasn't for the annoying coordinates at every diagram. It's sad that publishers (or writers?) have apparently given up on encouraging readers to become familiar enough with the chessboard so as to get by without the printed coordinates - instead, most seem to have chosen to babysit the readers forever nowadays.)

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    SebLeb0210 wrote:

    Yeah problem this link.......   all the info in French!

    I forgot where to change it to english......

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    Plus i think we are visiting under your account .....

    Want the books to come to my house without any cofusion!!

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    You can change the top level domain in the address bar from .fr to .com.


    (No worries, it's not that easy to log in under someone's account - you can't simply make a logon session accessible from elsewhere via a link.)

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    Here is the link---> http://www.amazon.com/The-Mammoth-Book-Chess-Books/dp/076243726X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1380502317&sr=8-1&keywords=The+Mammoth+Book+of+Chess#reader_076243726X

    Should not have to do that .....just provide the correct link. The comment was in english so should the page when we reach it. For that reason i made sure everybody here has the correct link without any issues  ....any issues.

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    Oh thanks for the new links guys !

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    The link I posted is correct in that it leads to the US page of the product. Royalbishop's link on the other hand points directly to the preview of the book.

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    oh, right...

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    Yea I really like that book. Its easy to read and very enjoyable.

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    can some who has this book explain puzzle 20 in 25 trickier mates in two. as it has my head melted 🙈

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    can some who has this book explain puzzle 20 in 25 trickier mates in two. as it has my head melted 🙈

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    The worst and least successful chess book in modern times is the Mammoth book of chess. It is a bad hotch potch, rushed and waste of paper. That is why it is so cheap and you can buy it for even one dollar these days. A waste of paper and money.

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    Normally if something sells well that becomes cheap, anyways,


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