[Suggestion] Remove Themes information in Puzzle


Hello, wondering if add an option on mobile app (Android) to remove the Theme information when playing puzzle could be interesting? or have an option to show it if really we are in troubles. Like "Hint" option, could be "Show Theme". Have the Theme of the puzzle give a huge information and reduce the analyse to its minimum. (note sure I'm in the good section)


(In learning mode obviously)


I was just going to ask that chess.com please show the Puzzle Theme when in playing on Rating mode, perhaps for folks with a rating under a certain level.

 Why?  Because someone like me, for example, with a low rating who's fairly new to studying chess in depth (I've spent over 180 hours the past two months studying tactics on this and various other apps; plus studied Bruce Pandolfini's tactic books in depth 25 years ago, but they only have the basic tactics.). As hard as I try,  I get to almost 600 in the Puzzle Rating, and then the next 5 puzzles have so many pieces all over the board, which I like (I enjoy figuring out what each piece's motive is on the respective squares they're occupying); however,  this gets me thinking, "Is this as simple as capturing that Knight? Or is this Mate In Three or something? " Plus, I don't see any Puzzle Theme when playing on Learning Mode in my app. I haven't tried it in the website, which I'm on now.

I got 100%  right while practicing the respective tactics Lessons (on chess.com) on the tactics I'm familiar with, and then 72% on ones I've never practiced but have heard of,  but I haven't yet tried the lessons for tactics I've not yet even heard of. I'm physically disabled and this keeps my brain sharp [spinal cord injuries and post concussion syndrome].

The actual Rated puzzles are quite confusing to someone like me who's low rating dictates that I probably won't guess which tactic I'm trying to solve (this evening,  while on Rating mode, a couple of times a back rank checkmate was possible in several moves, but, as mentioned above, the puzzle simply wanted me to capture a Knight. ?? How am I to know which to do? Capturing the Knight seemed really basic compared to 99% of the other [80! Yikes] puzzles tried this evening. I only got 50% correct (without a Hint). I think having the option to know the Puzzle Theme for a  low rated player like me would be advantageous from a pedagogical perspective. There's something quite exhilarating and inspiring knowing you're being "rated", like being scored on a test. 

There aren't that many puzzles to solve when doing each tactic Lesson that comes with the Diamond subscription (that's not a complaint! Chess.com is a goldmine of info that would take a lifetime to go through), so I go back and do them over again, to get the patterns imprinted in my memory (5xs will put something in your longterm memory, rather than your brain keeping in stored in the short term folder. Ha. Not that this repetition means it will always be easily called up when we need it, but it's there).

Any suggestions? 

Should I just continue doing puzzles on Learning Mode? (I don't care about my rating, I would simply like to play with something "on the line", meaning a little risk involved).


Also,  Dernest, when I use the Chess.com app I don't see the Puzzle Themes when I'm practicing. I was  going to ask if chess.com could put the option to see the Puzzle Theme in Learning and Rating mode. 

(I have been having difficulty with the app. Cleared cache, uninstalled, and Restarted phone. It still freezes up and has bugs. I suspect that has much more to do with the fact that more people are using their smart phones throughout the day due to social distancing [at least that's what my phone company said is causing my normally excellent reception to be sub par at present]).

Thank you for asking this question, Dernest. We have diametrically opposed wishes,  but perhaps your idea of having a button that allows having the option to  turn on or off the puzzle theme is the way to go.



(Please excuse my lack of brevity. It's due to my spinal injury.)



Even with a diametrically opposed wish, the suggestion could match both needs (by having a button).

Also if you don't understand why to take the Knight instead of an other piece in the Puzzles, you can use the "Analyse" option. Sometimes the goal of the puzzles are not that evident, with analyze you can see the next moves to understand better.


Yes! A button would certainly meet both needs. 

Thank you kindly for the information regarding the Analyze button. Are we penalized for using that button, like when using a hint? 

I actually just started using the Analyze Board for games I play against another chess computer. Learning what moves I got right, and which ones weren't the best is a terrific learning tool--especially because the computer will tell you which moves to make instead, and why. 


Thank you again for that info regarding PUZZLES. I'm looking forward to trying that!