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Analysis of Chess.com

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    My god.First be sure what you are trying to say and hold on it.No reason to delete or edit your words as they first come in your mind.This is small thing but it shows your not so strong character!

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    corrijean wrote:

    I read the original essay, and I think a lot of the people above were too harsh. It was a perfectly decent paper.

    Thank you :) I've had many publications in my university's student newspaper. I don't think my writing could possibly be that bad. I'm always open to constructive critique though. 

    Ahh I don't like searching for answers in an endless pit of "Help & Support" online. I'll just let this forum rot on my profile forever. Why did I even think people would care about my chess.com analysis for writing class? LOL.  

    But why in the world is there no option to delete a forum that one posts? Isn't that like website 101 programming. 

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    You would think so.


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