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  • #1

    Did you really just flip the positions of the cancel and submit buttons in the latest release?  What brainiac thought of that?  I have now submitted several moves I thought I was cancelling.  I need no help in blundering!

  • #2

    Haha so that's what happened!! This morning I submitted a move that I meant to cancel as well. I just thought it was me. But clearly I naturally pressed the button that I am used to pressing. Very strange thing to alter. I like the button that has the flip animation now, but yeah switching cancel/submit is not a good move.

  • #3

    Agree 100%

    I'm trying to think of a possible reason why the switch was made but I can't. It's just stupid.

  • #4

    Completely agree it was a pointless change. But did it switch back or has my brain finally got used to the change?

  • #5

    It was switched back. :)

  • #6

    Yep, I was very happy to read that in the update. Came out about a day after this thread was made Smile

  • #7

    I saw the reviews from the last 2 updates so I didn't update. However, since then the game takes longer to load and I keep getting Force Close. Very annoying. I use a droid, HTC Desire. ;)


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