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Chess.com on Windows Phone

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    Hi. I like playing chess with a friend. But at the moment I only have a Windows Phone. I would like to see Windows Phone support. Now, I happen to have some programming skills myself. Operators: please contact me so we can work something out. Thanks in advance, Leon

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    Dear Chess . Com,

    Are there any news for a Windows Phone user?

    Any app or beta-app would be lovely!

    Thank you!

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    me too !

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    I am waiting for this also.

    Hope chess.com will release this app for windows phone.

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    Me too - it's great on the iphone. And worked on my old nokia.


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    I'm interested in this as well.

    I'm also a developer if I can help out in any way like Leon said.

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    Would love that too.


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    I second and third that and can;t wait for Chess.com to give us Windows Phone customers a nice app for our phones :). Come on Chess.com were patiently waiting :P

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    This would be AMAZING!

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    Still waiting for the application! Any news about the development of the app for Windows Phones?

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    Chess.com must developed for windows phone.

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    Or a Universal app. Working on every Windows 10. Computer, tablet, phone, xbox, hololens. :-)


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