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connection interruption

  • #1

    Dear Admin,

    i would like to highlight that i have been disconnected while playing a lot of times lately, i wanted to know if that is from site, or shall i do something to avoid such loose of connection and leads to loss of a lot of games accordingly.


    best regards,


  • #2

    same here.  looks like livechess is down ?

  • #3

    I just experianced this too on a game that was very much going in my favor. It does not appear that it docked me a loss however, its like the game did not even exist....is this a site crash>?

  • #4

    happening to me too.

  • #5

    can't even play live chess

  • #6

    Just lost connection in the middle of a game. Earlier had gotten bumped from game with screen showing a different game between two different players

  • #7

    looks like they've taken the site down -  I see the 'down for maintenance' message. hopefully will be back up soon.

  • #8

    I just lost another game, and I have a snapshot, can I upload it here.

    If not, can we communicate the admin ?


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