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forum change

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    Why doesn't chess.com institute a forum policy where you are not allowed to start threads until you are an established member. i.e. you are a junior member on probabtion until you can establish a good track record.  Your first couple of posts would be screened by a mod before they get posted to a thread.  Once your probabtion ends, say after 3 or 4 posts, then you can post new threads.  I find this invisibleboy stuff quite funny, but I can imagine seeing the slew of profaninity for some is a little offensive.  Anyways, I am a member of another forum (not chess related) that has this policy and the troll rate is significantly lower.

    just my 2 cents

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    I was just thinking about that. And perhaps no usernames containing variants of pwn. I think that particular person should be prosecuted for whatever crimes can be pinned on them. It is more than profanity. They are persistently intent on vandalizing this site.
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