Get rid of the yellow borders


Get rid of the yellow borders around the squares that the last piece was on and moved to. If I needed them to tell me what the last move was I'd quit playing chess and go back to playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic.

Or at least make them go away when the player clicks on them with their mouse.

This has been a public service announcement brought to you the Swaziland Chamber of Commerce.


Yes, I noticed it just now, and it's irritating. What was the need to change it? I think it was blue earlier. 


Is this a recent change? I remember a setting where this could be turned off.


Yes, it was not there yesterday. 


yeah, i spent like 10 minutes trying to get rid of it earlier today, its quite annoying. They had it as like blie before right? what was wrong with that?

AlCzervik wrote:

Is this a recent change? I remember a setting where this could be turned off.

Yes you can turn it off if you want to.  But I am ok with new changed.


Yes, please get rid of it. As i am no longer a premium member, i cant change my settings without changing board back to a default look. Ergo, i can not remove the obnoxious yellow from my soothing blue look. Remove this crap, or i just might go back to russian roulette as well. I literally have a headache from seeing just a few games worth of this. And this had better not be something that we had "better just get used to" because of the reasons i stated above, its unfair to those who want it gone but cant because of board restrictions.



Yes that is there, but you dont understand the plight of many of us, we can't change that off without changing our boards back. it's an inconvenience to us that none of us asked for, yet received anyway.


Uh-oh, I only see it in Team Vote Games. It is turned off in my own game settings.    AlphaRed Thanks for the info!


Yes it is very annoying, why change it? it leaves 'retina scars', and is putting me off.


I want to change it back to blue, not turn it off completely, that would be inconvenient too. 


I just noticed them in vote chess. Only the border is highlighted. This is way too irritating. I see no purpose to change everything once in a while and confuse everyone. Maybe the programmers want to justify their existence? 


I think they have changed again since the original post. First it was yellow coloured boxes, now it's only the borders which are highlighted. 


lol I just noticed it a few minutes ago, not in vote chess, but in correspondence. I knew that there was gonna be a thread abotu it.


Why was this changed Frown ? I liked the blue square...


It's pretty cool actually but ofcourse,it should be an optional feature.


Get rid please, its anoying


Agreed, this is terrible compared to what it was before!


Bring back our blue!!