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getting back to training.

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    If in the event that someone knows how to fix this problem I do not know how to solve, I would be very happy. When I am playing online and have no moves waiting for me I like to get in some training off this site. I may be reading a article and see that a move has came up in one of the games I am playing. The problem is that if I go to that game to make my move, it takes a long time to find where I was at. For example, if I was involved in chess mentor before I went to make my move. It is very hard to go back to chess mentor and continue where I left off. Is there a way to book mark where I was. I really don't like keeping other players waiting and to continue training adds to my time per move stat.Not to mention a little rude. Thank you     

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    Can't you open multiple tabs? Are you using a hand-held interface device instead of a desktop PC?

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    I am using a desk top PC and I guess I am missing something real simple. I am somewhat new with it and I am not sure  I guess on opening multible tabs. 

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    Up at the very top of your Browser Window... above the www.chess.com/forum address line... you will see a tab, just like an index tab in a reference book. At the right edge of that tab will be what looks like the edge of another tab sticking out from behind it.

    Click on that, and it will open a blank web-page. Use it to navigate back to this site... that should give you one tab open to the games that you are playing, and a second tab open to the Tactics Trainer or whatever reference material you are studying. Just click on the open tabs to switch your view back and forth between them.

    NOTE: Only have ONE of them open to your games at any time. The chess.com anti-cheating software might object to your having two different tabs open to your games, since this might allow you to "play against yourself" using different accounts, and build up a phony rating.

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    well all I can say is thank you blueemu. I learn fast an found the tabs, real simple now that I know about them, thank you againLaughing

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    Glad to help.


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