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Group Option: Join All

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    I think it would be neat to have a feature in the options for each group you are in to allow you to join all matches you are eligible to join. There could be an option to join all vote chess games, team matches, or both for each group. Additionally, I think an option to not join team games which are full would be nice, too (for example, if you could join a team match but doing so would kick out another player from your team). Finally, I would suggest an "auto-join" feature which would automatically join matches for you as soon as they become available.

    If you support/would use this or have improvements to the suggestion, let me know.


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    How about:  an option to join all groups? 

    Even better, the site's default setting to be:  you're joined up with all groups, but can manually leave whichever groups you'd rather not remain in.


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    This is a good suggestion. The neat feature would be to be able to choose for which group if you want to join automatically all the matches of the group. Obviously, certain matches may require a lower rating. In this case, you shouldn't be able to join that particular match.


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