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Hide the rating of opponents in Live Chess

  • #21

    I want to be able to play the board, and not the person. How is that not worth some effort. It would literally be few extra lines of code not to show the rating until end - a checkbox and if statement for printing rating.

  • #22

    Have they done this yet? If not, I would like to know when they do.

  • #23

    Probably in a life time.

  • #24

    What if we all have a vote and bring it up to the Chess.com staff? That would be cool to have the option to hide a person's rating.Smile 

  • #25

    Half of you who opposed this idea say its "play the board, not the player".

    There have always been two schools of thought on this. Capa was play the board, Lasker was play the player.

    Lasker had quite a bit of success with this. So you cant just assume play the board is the correct option. Personally, I would definetly play the player if I had usable information.

  • #26

    i like this idea, not so much because it affects me directly. but because of the shear amount people that abort a game within a second of a connection being established. they see a higher rating then abort. and my blitz rating is pretty damn low. i think its more of an annoyance than anything else. 


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