iPhone chess tactics


I'm not entirely sure if this is the correct forum, oh well.

I prefer do do tactics on my phone for a few reasons but there are two noticeable problems with it.

1. I can't disable the time display. I know how long I have for each puzzle going into it, and I'd prefer the ability to turn that off. The setting doesn't seem to transfer from my settings on chess.com

2. Problems which include castling in the solution are always marked as wrong. After getting them wrong numerous times and eventually recognizing the few that include castling individually, you can imagine my surprise when I got it wrong anyway. I then go through the solution only to be told that my move was right and that the tactics trainer is just mad at me. Even with the correct move, iPhone tactics won't recognize the answer.

Interestingly, if you look at the hint for the castling problem it also shows the king moving three spaces instead of two for queenside castling.

Just two things that probably should be attended to at some point. Thanks.