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Is a 1581 rating good ?

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    What do you think ?

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    Define what good is. Good in relation to all chess players, a group, family, or your own goal? What kind of rating?

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    I mean average is 1200 I think.

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    thanks thats realy cool !

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    SebLeb0210 wrote:

    What do you think ?

    I think 1581 is pretty good for a 13 year old.  You have time to improve and become really good!

    Me, I'll die a contented patzer, but you can do better.

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    jeez thanks ! I am 12 btw.

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    1581 is generally a strong junior, although of course nowhere near the ranks of the top ones.

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    Not for a grandmaster

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    Depends on your goals. But generally speaking it's not bad at all, mate! :)

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    Thanks its better than I though.

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    SebLeb0210 wrote:

    Thanks; its better than I though.

    Sorry @SebbyLeb, but your average opponents are fully 400 points below you in all three rating systems.  Clean up your act.

    NO, you're a lazy player who (chronically) plays weaker opponents.

    Set you rating range at plus and minus 150, then see what happens.  Smile

    Nice photo, in any case.

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    thanks but I play people rated 2100 unrated ( not lazy bro I work my but off every day )

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    You habitually play weak computers in standard chess, too.  What's up with that?

    Sorry, but that's a complete waste of your time.

    Whatever.  Knock yourself out.

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    Your unrated in online so I wouldnt talk if i wear you...

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    he probably couldn't talk if you were to wear him.

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    molokombo wrote:

    he probably couldn't talk if you were to wear him.

    I fell out of my chair laughing. Laughing

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    I am a 1500ish rated player.  I enjoy learning and very competitive games so I tend to look for the 1600 and up players.  I have beaten or "tied" a few of the better rated players and have recently added the "tatics training" to my skill development to try to cure my blind spots and knowledge deficiencies.  I wouldn't do well in a timed tournament, but I am growing in my tactics and skills.  Just as there are tactical skills and playing styles in other games/sports (I am a national ranked table tennis player - just took another medal in the recent Senior Games in Cleveland, OH), training and practice make you more perfect.

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    "1600 Online" is not very strong.  Sorry.  That rating wears (sic) poorly.

    According to your game score, your average opponents are only rated 1100 in Blitz, Bullet, and Standard.  That wears (sic) rather poorly, as well.

    Johnan Hellsten's (3 new books) are definitely worth studying.  Perhaps you can get Mom to buy them for you?

    Consider posting less threads.  Improve your game instead.  You'll be a better man for it.

    Have a Nice Day. 


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