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Live Blindfold Chess

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    Hey guys.  So, in practice, if I want to play blindfold I do it mysefl and it would be totally up to my opponent to show or no show pieces on his/her screen?  Meaning, when doing the automatic Live search, my opponents won't even know I play blindfold, or the search will give hits of pleople with blindfold on their settings?  How does it work?

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    opponents can use or not use blindfold pieces as they prefer. there is no indication on the seek graph as to whether you will be playing blindfold or not.

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    Since I would play very weak in blindfold, is there a possibility to set up different Ratings for Blindfold games?

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    I'd also like this, even if there were cheaters, I don't think it would be such a problem :D

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    I also would not care much about cheaters, I would play blindfold just for the sake of blindfold training but I dont want to screw up my normal rating ...

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    You just set to unrated, and that's it.

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    Yes MSC157, that is the way I do it now, but wouldnt it be nice and motivating to have a possibility to have a Rating for Blindfold?

    Well, with the Cursor changing when you mouse-over a piece it is still possible to kind of cheat...

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    What do you have in mind with "cursor changing" and "mouse-over a piece", I don't understand it really...?

    But yes, I totally agree with you! :)

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    The cursor changes from an arrow to a hand when it's over a hidden piece, so you know that a piece is there. Try it in a game. Run your mouse over a board and you will notice that when it's on a square that has a piece on it, it changes from an arrow, meaning that there is nothing that you can grab, to a hand (like how it changes when hovering over a link).

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    Really? Haha, didn't know that. I don't recognise this as cheating, 'cause you MUST move, but yeah, really interesting. :)

    The way I would play blindfold bullet. :D

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    so, blindfold chess has been trashed? I mean, 3 years? It shuold take less than 10 mins to make the code for blindfold chess....

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    i am aslo wating!

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    How do you play it on chess.com

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    dpruess wrote:

    the idea has not been trashed, we just have an extremely long list of projects.

    It must be pretty darn long!

    Blindfold chess would be a huge + to this website!

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    I'm almost certain it has already been implemented on Chess.com

    Why did you revive this thread...


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