major system glitch??


it seems  that every time people sign for a platinum membership  , we get only 30 days vacation time  at best instead  of  the promised  90 days .

and to make  matters worse  is that  when i signed  and payed  for it  couple of days  ago  i got  my allready  2 months & some 24 days that i had allready available in my vacation days  trimed  down to only  1 month  and 1 day  !! after i made the membership purchase

did any body else experience  the same thing ??!  and if  so would you please add  your voice into telling  the team  that this is  really going on  and  is a major programming  mistake or just an out right trick advertising and is harming every one  who wants  to support and while getting  treated  fairly and accordingly Frown


You gain some vacation entitlement each month, up to the maximum for your level of membership. vacation-it-does-add-up

It does seem strange though that you lost your existing entitlement when you signed up for paid membership.


Losing vacation doesn't seem right... message an admin, they respond prettty quickly is my experience.


Indeed, try this link


i did submit a message , thank you , i am still waiting for  reply .

The thing is this is the second time that it happened with me .

This time i signed up  to catch the U.S.C.L coverage and did have enough vacation time , i did not need  to lose it upon signage

;-)  u see if  i knew  that  i would be losing  some of my existing vacation  time  , i would not have  signed at all Smile


This is rather dramatic for vacation time. Why not just move?




move where ?!


@LizardSlaveMaster move your pieces genuis.