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Marking games as favorites

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    I think it would be nice if we could mark some of our online and live chess games as our "favorites".  Then, when viewing our game archive, in addition to the current "Analyzed Games Only" checkmark, we could also have a "Favorite Games Only" checkmark.

    With members playing hundreds or even thousands of games over the months and years, this would be a nice way for them to keep track of their best or most interesting games.

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    I kind of like the idea
  • #3

    yeah.. i like it too 

  • #4

    +1. Hard to find games I like otherwise...

  • #5


    0 to 5 stars or the like would be great in the game archive.

  • #6

    That would seem to be a simple feature to implement, yet extremely useful, important an fun!

    Hard to understand why it has not been done yet, even for paying users like myself.


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