Member Map Option Removed ?!





I'm not familiar with this feature. I found something called "Interactive Map," at

and it has three tabs: Clubs, Events, and Coaches. Has one of the tabs (i.e., "Players" or "Members") been removed? Or is the map referred to in the topic something else?


I still found my house on there though Wink


It used to have Members, too, Dan.     Frown


not important to good chess in my opinion...


I dont know what to say...


Very accurately put, Pastu.        Laughing


While I find it interesting to see where chess players are spread geographically and even where a friend may be in a specific manner, I can understand some people's concern over privacy and saftey.


I could see it being left intact as an opt in feature. If it was automatically turned off and you had to go turn it on if you wished to have your position displayed on it.

I can see why some would be uncomfortable having their locations displayed. I recall there was quite a discussion about it in the forums at one point.


I must echo OL_Hoffy. I don't see how our chess playing and skill are hindered in any way by this.

It doesn't even really hinder the social element of the site, because nobody needs to know where anybody lives except one's friends. I have four friends on, and I mean no offense to anyone else, but I don't need anyone but those four knowing where I live. After all, what is the point? I wasn't receiving any birthday cards, gift certificates to Ruby Tuesday, or social visits from IM Danny Rensch.


Players with dubious tools are happy now. I predict the usage of the International flag drops dramatically.     Smile


Yes, Folks. The Member Map. 

Now there are only Clubs, Events & Coaches.

It used to show Our Opponents, Friends & Group Members earlier, Offline & Online. And other CC-Members in Online.

Greets, Lauri.     Smile


i never used the map .. but i don't understand y would NEED2show a person's location irl .. now if it showed where a member site or listed members4recruitment purposes, sure that's fine, but i c no need2show a person's real life address .. ea member can choose2include that information on his/her profile but it should not be defaulted that way.

LauriAikio wrote:

And I used that map in recruiting New Folks into Groups. Mainly.   

Mainly yes Wink


Sometimes also to talk about member´s home area. An excellent topic and a way to get acquinted people. 

Btw, cheaters must hate that Map. (*past tense*)


I would go with connecting your acceptence to be shown on the map with giving the land and a city where you live in. Why can't there be a button like it has been suggested before saying "show my handle and the given location on the map"??


Or The Map Feature could been connected to Privacy Settings. Hide Your Location Or Show Your Location.      Smile


Removal of this feature has indeed aided cheats & returning a/c after bans which is a shame.

Believe the map-information was relayed from ''Google''? & guessing the site stopped it because of privacy-concerns? Disappointing as a slightly less-detailed form of member-location is a desirable site-tool. Perhaps with some form of filtering it could be re-introduced.


I wish & hope & pray that, too.      Smile