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People logging out when losing

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    I had a few of these mental cases that are disconnecting in lost position, and they wait for you to lose patience and disconnect, or stop the game by resignation and move on so they dont lose there's precios points.

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    kco wrote:

    that the problem: define:  but playing on means you make your moves within a reasonable amount of time.

    At the very least, it should mean "make another move in the 5 minutes remaining before you time out", shouldn't it?

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    cookiemonster161140 wrote:

    Genghiskhant wrote:

    Lol, gonna need a new lick of paint on your soapbox soon.

    It's quite obvious that we are talking about people who just don't move again after dropping a piece. This happens all the time in Live chess.

    Can I take from your last response that you stop moving when pizza arrives and just don't return to the game at all? If so, probably a breach of fair play and part of the reason this is a problem in the first place. If not, then you're talking about something entirely different and, while a nice story, doesn't really matter in terms of this thread.

    Written by an obvious patzer.

    If you don't like the time controls you are currently accepting at the beginning of a game, try different controls or a different game. Like tac tac toe.

    Bottom line is threads like this are started by people who have some sort of superiority complex. You expect people to just roll over and resign when you perceive (rightly or not) that you have a slight advantage over the board.

    So kant, tell me...when the position in a game is complicated do you generally spend more time or less time per move? If you are about to lose do you spend more time looking at the position to save the game?

    Re your post #22...your statement about the lag indicator was false. Lag can vary over the course of a game. So can the reliability of a connection. Some people (known as lag cheaters) actually manipulate this, and I have seen cases where I believe they disconnect purposely and reconnect in order to obtain a time advantage.

    Fact is a disconnect can occur at any time. I wouldn't be surprised if the fair play policy hasflagged me for being disconnected by the server when I was winning.

    To the server, a disconnect in one game is just a disconnect. Sure, chess.com can submit the position to an engine to see who was winning or losing (I don't know if they do) but that's not going to tell you the intent of the user FROM ONE GAME. You have to submit a bunch of games where that player disco'd in order to discern a pattern. A large bunch.

    Another fact you are ignoring is that players who are winning or probably drawing get disconnected too. Are you saying they're sandbagging? How do you know? Are you psychic?

    If pizza delivery is at the gate (you don't know how many acres I own or how long it takes me to get to the gate) and I want my dinner while it's still warm I sometimes have had to get up during a game. If my clock runs out before I can drive back to the house that's my fault, but is it an intentional abandonment?


    Just a load of noise from someone who likes the sound of his own voice a little too much.

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    Recommendation - don't agree to a 10 minute time control if you're incapable of playing for 10 minutes per side.

    To repeat the thing that I just said and that you totally failed to properly address:

    "When someone plays with, for example, 10 minute time controls, they don't want to spend 8 of those 10 minutes waiting for a single move that never happens, especially if that single move is forced and it's a mate-in-2 situation."


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