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Probably Tactics trainer is going to be changed

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    The whole point of TT is to learn to see patterns and spot the best move.  Points for okay moves, unlimited time to calculate everything, or other changes to how the problems are rated or solutions are scored defeats the purpose.  I have done tons of TT problem and never disputed the solutions.  If I came up with a different solution, then I go over the correct one and try to understand and learn.  Whining after missing a mate in 2 makes no sense to me.

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    BorgQueen wrote:


    The biggest problem with TT is that if you find and play a mate in 4 and there is a mate in 3, the problem is deemed "wrong" and you are penalised.  That is very wrong and made me stop using chess.com tactics.

    It would also be good if each problem was properly tested before being released into the wild.

    Report these problems - they are not supposed to be in the pool. According to the current policy the solution should be unique or at least very clearly superior to all other options - ie. no more fastest mate problems but there are still several such old problems in the pool. Only way to get rid of these is if people report them.

    In principle the problems are approved by humans but most approvers are just volunteers and it seems some bad problems still leak through.

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    TT is quite all right. No need to change anything. 

    I don't remember the last time I picked a mate in 4 and lost because there was a mate in 3. More often I just don't see the mate, or make a move which looks like it winning but really isn't.

    Losing points because one is considerably slower than average makes perfect sense. 

    Winning points even when one gets the problem wrong (and this happens a lot) actually doesn't... but thank the lord for small mercies (and thanks Depeche Mode too)

    In short - keep it up. No matter what you do, some people will complain :-)

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    I do report them, but then still nothing stops the next new stuffed up problem from annoying the hell out of me.

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    The problems should be engine checked by a human who knows what they are doing.

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    Can anybody even explain to me why we need ratings for TT in the first place?

    I found the rating system so confusing & distracting when I first started practising TT, that I stopped using it. Then when I took out paid membership, I set the thing to 'Unrated' & I'm a lot happier with it.

    After all, I play practically only turn-based chess so what do I need a timer running for? 

    BTW - if you want an example of how long it can take to get things corrected on this site, take a look at this TT problem...


    ..if you read the comments for that, you'll see many members disagreed with the given solution but whether you do or not, I was told by a staff member that it be submitted for correction in November of last year.

    It still hasn't been corrected!

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    The rating helps the software serve you problems that are in tune with your strength.

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    BorgQueen - that may be true but you can also set the range of TT problems you want to solve in your personal TT settings!  That's what I've done.

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    billyblatt wrote:

    I used to have a problem with the ratings as well. But I think it is something that has to be gotten over. It is just a number, and you have to force yourself not to pay too much attention to it, but rather, try to work on the problem. The timer and rating, are good for OTB training. 

    I think it helps with developing the mindset of trying to find the best move under pressure. 

    The best way I found to overcome these two is to set yourself your own time. Say five minutes per problem (you can adjust this yourself). Then just take your time, and only make the move at the end of your own time. If the timer runs out, then so be it. If your rating goes down then so be it. 

    In the beginning your rating will take a demolishing. But after a while your brain will learn to focus on solving the problem, rather than getting hijacked by the painful loss of ratings.

    Then also take your time to use the analysis board and understand the tactic. You can also bookmark the tactics that you find the most interesting and spend some time doing a longer analysis.

    The important thing is becoming familiar with the basics. I think taking things slowly and building over time is better than rushing and being focused too much on a number"



    I do agree with Mr billybat. What is the rating got to do with our skill in solving problems ? our  personal ego is hurt right? Thats all, We can come over it. I know its very difficult, cause when I am loosing marks even after solving problems( off course I have taken longer time than the required!) So what I do is I damn care about rating and try to solve the problems, soon you will find repeatations and then you are happy to solve it in few seconds, so my advise to all friends ( who are discouraged in loosing marks) is just dont care about the marks, and then see. Godd luck, bye....

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    stephen_33 wrote:

    BorgQueen - that may be true but you can also set the range of TT problems you want to solve in your personal TT settings!  That's what I've done.

    I was just answering your question :-)

    Setting the rating range like you have done is too static for me, I prefer to have the server give problems that adjust to my strength as I go.  I find it more challenging.

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    You mean Chess Mentor.

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    sometimes tt needs the move theyre thinking of like on time i moved me rook to e7 on a discovered mate but it was f7 and it was the same thing

    no punctuatioin or pressing the shift key

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    In other words, reward mediocrity.  Egos!

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    Make them a bit harder

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    The most frustrating is finding a technical win according to your style, but getting the problem wrong because you didn't find the best move in the position.

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    zBorris wrote:

    The most frustrating is finding a technical win according to your style, but getting the problem wrong because you didn't find the best move in the position.

    Thats what.. For example.. practically instead of going to Q vs R endgame, we would go for 3 pawns up endgame. But TT would say wrong to this.. :(


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