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Replace Netflix

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    I find Netflix works quite well.

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    What does Netflix have to do with chess?

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    Are you just mad cause they raised their rates?

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    where's yigor when you need him?

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    you're trying really hard.  i'll give you that.

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    simpledimple wrote:
    woodshover wrote:

    Are you just mad cause they raised their rates?

     NO, they are being charged more for movies themselves. However I don't understand why every other website vastly outperforms them in audio quality. I have even called their support and told them I might pay even more for streamed movies if they could meet normal audio standards, or even provide subtitles on a more regular basis.

     How about Blockbuster? They're trying to make a comeback. Dish Network owns them now.

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    I don't keep up with the flickers to much since talkies hit the screen, seeee? This is the last block buster I saw, a real hum dinger, seeee?

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    I still watch movies like that on Turner Classic movies, once in a while. Some are very good.

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    ...you guys still pay for movies?

    ...I opened an account with Scotia Bank, received 20 free movies (when I go to the cinema)...then I took out a credit card with them...which gives me 1 to 1 points for every purchase made...so I'm accumulating something like four or five additional movies every month (because I pay all my bills with this card...then pay it off monthly with cash)...I am a movie buff, so I love the movies...I have not paid to see a movie in two years now...it's all free when I go to the movie cinema...

    ...additionally, one of my close friends who just happens to be a "computer genius", and a movie lover like myself...does his magic with his "super computer", and the result is DVD/BR quality movies from 1995 to 2011...my collection is currently about 2500 and growing...

    ...it is also possible also to stream movies over the net for free, but the quality is not very good...the quality is TS or Cam...

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