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Screen going blank after game ending

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    Hello Chess.com.  


    After every game, my browser screen goes blank when it ends.  Any thoughts on why that would occur? 

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    When winning chess.com switches to another site immediately...  Only started happening yesterday..

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    Same problem. Started recently.

  • #4

    same here!

  • #5

    Any word from Chess.com?

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  • #7

    Exactly the same here

  • #8

    happens to me aswell fkn anoying

  • #9

    yeah, it means you can't replay the opponent..  Does anyone from this site read these comments?

  • #10

    i have problems with the new site, help me

    *screen whithe
    *no recharging the turn of opponent

    *problem of conection to server..

  • #11

    Same for me. Screen goes white and I have to refresh page to load the game.

  • #12

    I have been dealing with this as well.  Chess.com, please roll back whatever change you made and rework it!

  • #13

    But what if I don't have any friends?

  • #14

    Same. Why hasn't this been addressed yet? 

  • #15

    +1 it's really annoying, makes me want to go back to lichess...

  • #16

    +1, hopefully this can get fixed soon. I thought maybe it was a problem caused by adblock or something.

  • #17

    If you use Internet Explorer, try to switch to another browser.

  • #18

    same here

  • #19

    Because we are taking over the chess world bullet.pngbullet.pngbullet.png

  • #20

    Are there moderators on this site?  And if so, do they usually ignore issues and players?

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