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Screen going blank after game ending

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    same here

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    Because we are taking over the chess world bullet.pngbullet.pngbullet.png

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    Are there moderators on this site?  And if so, do they usually ignore issues and players?

  • #24

    I´m having the same problem, and Its not an Internet Explorer issue, as i use Chrome

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    I use Chrome too. The number of comments here is so low that I expect we all must have something in common. Otherwise, there would be tons more complaints.

    Maybe we all have a common extension for Chrome? Maybe like someone previously mentioned - AdBlock perhaps?

  • #26

    I will turn my AdBlock off and see.  I'll report back whenever I finish another game.

  • #27

    Happens in Chrome too..  I have to say..  It's not very impressive that Chess,com never read their own forums..

  • #28

    Just finished a game with AdBlock off... no white screen.  This may be something that Chess.com implemented purposely to get us to turn off AdBlock.

  • #29

    Thanks, Mike. happy.png

  • #30

    I think it only happens on the first game I play. If I refresh the page when it happens, I won't get the blank screen on subsequent games in that session. Only after I close the chess.com browser page and have a break, will I get the blank screen after my next game.

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    Yeah, definitely seems to be Adblock related.  Pause adblock and the problem disappears.

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    Thanks guys, I´ll try disabling Adblock for this page.

  • #33

    same issue here.. real annoying!

  • #34

    Disable adblock.


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