Sent message retention time


Is there a specific reason why sent messages are retained for only 3 months?  Just as with some messages I've received and choose not to delete, there are some messages I've sent that I'd like to retain too.  There doesn't appear to be a limit on how long we can keep received messages, and you leave it to us to determine which ones we want to delete (like all the garbage team match announcements).  Any chance of eliminating the 3-month expiration for sent messages and also letting us determine which of those we wish to keep long term?


Sent messages?  My sent message box has a note at the top saying they get deleted automatically.


Depends on level of membership?


That's possible, I suppose, since he's Diamond and I'm Platinum, although the membership level comparison chart doesn't mention that retention time is one of the differences.

Mouse, can you confirm that it is sent messages that you have going back to last summer, and not just inbox messages?


i've got the same message and no sent messages dating back more than 90 days ago.