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Sexual Abusing ADs

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    What? French letters viva le Francais lol.

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    lol what? want to give an example of one?

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    I log on to c.c for those ads.

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    SBS late at night is one long mmmmmmmwhoa ad.

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    Your ads are based on your internet browsing history, so..

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    Yeah, so avoid those raunchy back lanes of the internet and you will get ads for beer and walnuts and aftershave...

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    Stampnl wrote:

    Your ads are based on your internet browsing history, so..


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    yeah definatly they are based on ur bowsing history.......... so u hav change ur browsing pattern..lol

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    I would hope that nobody is advertising sexual abuse lol

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    I have never seen advertisements that were sexual in nature when logged in here at Chess.com.  I have seen ads that I thought were absurd and I know had absolutely nothing to do with my browsing history, they weren't sexual though.

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    udayan09 wrote:

    Please change sexual abusing ads because we have kids below the age of 18 as our chess members. Please Help our next generation to grow good :)

    If there are any inappopriate ads on this site you need to screenshot them for me making sure the page url is included so we can locate and remove these.

    We do 'not' have advertises posting 18+ ads on this site, any ads that are will get removed.

    That being said not all ads you see on here are coming from us, so can you please run a virus scan on your own computer

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    D'oh!! As Homer Simpson would say.

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    Or become member and remove them + extra features :)


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