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Site bugs

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    I dunno if these have been posted before, but here's a small list of bugs I encounter frequently:

    1. When a page is fully loaded, sometimes the side scrolling bar disappears.  I can't scroll up or down the page, not even with the mouse wheel.  Refreshing the page doesn't help.  Most often occurs on pages with threads (vote chess, forums, team matches, etc.)


    2. Ads that aren't visible on the page will play in the background.  I don't know if they're hiding behind other textures or ads etc.  But I can't turn them off/close them/find the source of them.  Usually occurs on the Online Chess page.


    3. Sometimes the site refuses to close down or navigate away from the page I'm on.  A pop up will show asking if I'm sure I want to leave the current page.  Saying yes, no, clicking on the x, refreshing, back/forward paging and ignorring it don't do anything.  I have to ctrl-alt-del the page.  Not sure when, how or why this occurs.



    I've experienced these bugs on multiple computers running various versions of Windows (Vista, XP, and 7) with a 1920x1200 resolution and updated drivers, various web browsers (explorer, chrome, firefox) and with a good internet connection.


    I hope this information is useful :)



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    I had the same with your point three.

    Don't know why.



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    When 1. 2 and 3 happen, do you see any ads that look as if they pop out of the page at any time ? If so, do you recall what the ad was for ?

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    I recall a pacman looking add popping out of the page, but it doesn't always happen when one of the above mentioned bugs occurs. 



    Yes, I use Chrome primarily.  Though I've seen these bugs on Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox aswell.

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    Just had 1 above happen to me. The ad that popped out (after it happened) was for free cursors. Using Internet explorer. Hope this helps

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    YrHebog wrote:

    Just had 1 above happen to me. The ad that popped out (after it happened) was for free cursors. Using Internet explorer. Hope this helps

    Do you remember which page it happened on and i'll go find it.

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    Thanks Kohai.Just happened 3 times - after playing a move trying to get back to my online chess. Different ads popped up each time,  a before and after for a red headed guy, a girl wanting to be dressed up, don't remember 3rd

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    I have had my scrolling bar dissappear on the forums too recently. Refreshing has fixed it the few times it happened for me. I am using chrome.

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    Ok thanks for this, any information helps. I'll see if i can locate them from what you've given me already.

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    side bars vanished again in my online chess. The ad that popped up after it happened was what will your baby look like

    good luck with your bug hunt

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    i had one time when i won a game but could not close it. I was in a tournament and i couldnt even SEE the next game


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