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Starting Multiple Games at Once

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    Is there a way to begin multiple games of online chess at the same time? To create more than one seek without having to go through the whole process every time? I play games with long time controls, as well as quite a bit of chess960 which means that there are rarely open seeks that have the settings I want. Creating 5 seeks simultaneously would really make me a happy camper. Plus, I know it's possible, because the chess site I used to play on, although it was bad in almost every way, did have that feature. Anyway, if anyone knows if there is such a feature, or if this has been asked before, please let me know. 

    (Sorry about the long winded question, I just got done writing a 5 page school paper :D and I'm still in that mode) 

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    enter one of the tournaments

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    Did, but I can't enter another until it's done. Which could be a while because my opponent has been on vacation for more than 10 days. 


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