Statistics most succesful openings


Hi people,

Is there a possibility to view my winratio for the openings I have played? 



That would be a nice little piece of information to have. Unfortunately currently this feature is not available. I think to start out with they could at least telll you win ratio based on first piece moved though, can't be that hard to program.



Yes, you can see that. Go to the game explorer, and select "My games" from the drop down menu, and you will get a database of your own games, instead of from master games.


(My own stats are a bit misleading here as I have played about half of my games with a friend who is rated around 1200 - hopefully your stats will be more useful to you than mine are to me)

It is a full explorer, not just the first move. For example, apparently I should play Catalan more, and should stay away from allowing the Nimzo as White:


Game explorer - My Games


Now what *would* be useful is being able to trim it to "Show me only games played in the last year", for example.

(It occurs to me that I haven't played 3.Nc3 in this position in years, whereas I played a Catalan theme tournament recently, so it may be that the difference in score is due to the fact my play has got better over these past years, rather than necessarily that I handle the Catalan better than the Nimzo because of anything pertaining to the openings themselves.)


Tnx for the quick response :) @Davidstyles, always be careful with the interpretation of statistics. They can provide you with some sort of indication, but as you point out; multiple factors can influence these figures...