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Team matches for someone who is member of both teams

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    This  I have been thinking for a long time.  We are not allowed to sign up for neither of the teams in a team match when we are the members in both.  While it is possible to sign up in a similar situation for a vote chess - why not in a team match? 

    Here is the situation.. we have two (or three major groups) and almost every active player is a member of atleast one of them (say Team A).  When such a team challenges other teams (say Team B), it is most likely that all members in Team B (or majority of them including strong players) will also be members of Team A and will not be allowed to sign up.  Then what results is strong players of Team A (who are not members of Team B) compete with members of Team B (who have membership in Team B alone) while strong players in Team B will not be allowed to sign-up (if they are members in both teams). So one can imagine what the result is going to be.  I am not sure if this is the fair way to do.  Players should be allowed to chose one team of their choise (and only one in a give team match) as the way it is allowed in vote chess. Can the staff at Chess.com do something to fix this?

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    I am just wondering if this message read by Staff?? Pl. say yes or no.

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    hello  play  with  me  john  chess

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    i too have the same opinion ...

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    In the old days of the wild and lawless chess.com, misguided members of Team A would join Team B and intentionally lose.

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    fine arguement.


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